I saw a Flying Elephant!

I am not happy today, well no one deserves to be happy everyday.. because we will feel the happiness itself most in the sorrowful days. Several reasons made me sad, not about IELTS course, but most about human relationship particularly in communication. Yeah, this nightmare would not easily go from my life quickly.

A: Vhyn, that you know that B says that is X is the best right now, and it has low price than you bought yesterday!
Me: I guess not, let me check the website, it listed that the price right now is higher than yesterday.
A: But B insisted that her price is lower, she really proud of it.
Me: *start thinking that it is not about which one is lower or higher, but it is about pride* I can’t see it.
A: B said to me just now. B got the information from her daughter.
Me: Okay, where did exactly the daughter get the information?
A: I don’t know she didn’t mention it, but she only said that she has the lower price, you should buy from her yesterday.
Me: *start analyzing that it is not merely about pride, but also persuading opinion moreover it’s about sales promotion*…

Please guess what my response next.. If the A person is not someone I respect most, I definitely would end the phone session quickly. If you read about my previous posting “Flying Elephant Phenomenon” in my FB, yaaa I will do that.

Me: Oh yes mom, I’m so sorry, I should buy from her yesterday in order to get cheaper of X.

I said I saw a Flying Elephant! Finally! It’s not because I don’t want to say the truth, but I’m just wasting my time if I continue to debate with my mom. Personally it’s not about my mom, but she will continue to have controversial conversation with her friend that woman, right? and I’m so sure that if that happen, their relationship wouldn’t good ending. Just because that two different information, that they heard from their daughters. It is not funny at all, it’s better to me to say that I saw a Flying Elephant and closed the case.

I am not happy because of that, I should say better than that, but I just can’t say academically proves to my mom, because she didn’t believe with the information I got from website at that moment. Furthermore, with saying those thing, my mom will get trapped to that woman’s bad marketing methods and she will pay more. So, I just think that I should call my mom soon, while she is not in her opinion, I try to pursue her to check the online price with me first before decide to buy from that woman. I just can’t find the best way to communicate with this condition, when someone trying to build the image of him/herself, I can’t say that it’s wrong and better to keep silent if she/he don’t know the truth of what he/she is talking about. I am not that person or maybe not yet.

Anyway, it is not the only thing that made me sad today, I just slapped somebody’s face *of course virtually* because that person only think about him/herself.

I hope tomorrow is better than today, chao! ~ someone who really in bad mood..

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