When critical mixed with creative thinking..

I don’t know maybe it is just me who over-think about these words, but the more I think it deeply, the more I understand the truly meaning about it. Meanwhile, I also can not prove academically the reliability of my statement, because I hardly read the English article or journal :p

These amusing words keep me wondering how deep the meaning of them, when we thought them very superficial in daily meaning..
.: sorry; regret
I had known for years that sorry means ask for apologize, if someone had made a mistake, they usually say “I am sorry”. Nevertheless, I am sure that ask an apologize is different with regretting something done. When you heard a death news from your relatives, you also says “I am sorry”, you were not asking an apologize at that moment, were you? because you had nothing to do about the death unless you are the murderer, you were just saying an empathy, regret the unexpected situation that just happened to your relatives. I believe the ‘regret‘ meaning has more touchy than ‘ask for apologize‘.

.: miss; pass
Yaa, as you all know that miss have a good relationship with lovers things, but don’t you ever saw the special TV programs advertisements with big tagline “don’t miss it!” with hundreds repetitions that brainstorms you. Haha! from that moment maybe it was the period when I still in elementary school ya? *can you imagine the little me already have ‘miss-lover things‘ vocabulary?*.
I made a different opinion about this ‘miss‘ word, and today it was revealed. The truly meaning about miss could be ‘pass’, so at the moment my husband said to me ‘I miss you, sweetie‘ *happy face*, he was saying ‘I have passed the day and I was losing you‘. The next impact of that word is remembering how worse that day without me which led us to the other meaning of ‘miss‘.
So, boys please think carefully before you say ‘miss you‘ to your acquaintances ๐Ÿ˜‰ hopefully they don’t think it deeply like me ๐Ÿ˜€

.: patient; calm
As we know that patient is someone who had medically treatment from doctors or nurses, that’s true. Moreover, when I had plays in my class yesterday as Darlene, I frequently said “Be patient with you sir” to the rush man. He barely had registered become a patient. The word I said to him is “Hopefully, you still calm with this slow pace“. The implication of my creative thinking is, instead of patient as someone who stay at hospital, it is more beneficial to keep calm, accepted and keep struggling to cure the ill that they had. Similarly with two previous words, I guess it is more than noun person, it is about attitude.

.: hospital – caress
I forgot the time that I heard about the second meaning of hospital, I just don’t really trust with it. The thing that convince me is at the time I went to Australia education fair in Surabaya. There are Universities that offer a study program “Hospitality Management” but it is nothing to do with medical faculty or nursing. It is about Customer/Supplier/Staff Relationship Management, it is not related to medical industry. But why medical industries are well-known with ‘hospital‘ word than the medical term itself? I don’t know, but I have a hypothesis. Medical industries is the core of solving illness, but they can not stand by their own feet without the hospitality by all their stakeholders. Yaa, please imagine that you must stay in the operation room but all the nurses and surgeons surly to you, can you heal by the operating procedures and drugs themselves? Because their business is not merely about drug store, but more about caress.
Now, if I found the hospital buildings that not provide a hospitality to their patient, I don’t think they ran their business seriously ๐Ÿ˜€

Well, all of information above without any considering in English studies before, I am an IT person ๐Ÿ˜€ I just collect the data, process the information from it then make the knowledge into the wisdom.

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