IELTS Writing Part 1 Tips and (Dirty) Tricks :p

Well, since our class has not taught about tips of Writing Section 1 but we have to face it next week, here it is my notation while I was enrolling a semi-intensive IELTS course in IALF Surabaya. It is about describing Line Chart, it can be useful for other similar charts, also several tips from IALF’s lecturers. Hopefully, they won’t mind towards my sharing in this blog 😀

The two pictures below describing the line pattern and the examples of using related specific adjectives and verbs. I hope you can read my hand writing.

The Examples DSC_1910.editedjpg







Again, in writing we have to show our wide range vocabularies while describing the pattern. Here it is the variation of words that can make your writing speaks more.

There are two types of line pattern; up and down.
For down movements we can use these verbs;
– fell
– dropped
– declined
– decreased
– went down

For up movements we can use these verbs;
– rose
– climbed
– increased
– fluctuated
– went up
– rocketed

The above verbs must be followed by adjectives, as we know there are two types of changes; majority and minority.
For majority changes we can use these adjectives;
– wildly
– sharply
– dramatically
– suddenly
– significantly
– noticeably
– remarkably

For minority changes we can use these adjectives;
– gradually (inconsistency changes)
– slightly
– slowly
– steadily (consistence changes)
– levelled off

In my note-book, there is also several tips special for Writing part 1;
– Do not write a conclusion!
– Do not use bullet!
– Please give a period when describing part of the pattern!
– Please use past tense or present perfect tense
– Do not put opinion and speculation about causes, predictions or judgments.
– For the process diagram only: please use active sentence for the natural process (e.g. acid rain process) and please use passive sentence for the man-made process (e.g. car assembly process).

Happy IELTS! Please share it freely to your relatives that may have the same problem 😀

14 thoughts on “IELTS Writing Part 1 Tips and (Dirty) Tricks :p

  1. Very interesting details you have noted , thanks for posting . “Women have been trained to speak softly and carry a lipstick. Those days are over.” by Bella Abzug.

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