Conversation is not my thing..

“are you really a lecturer?! please say something that made you look like a real lecturer”

my parent said it to me about a year ago in Idul Fitri event. Everyone came to our house, sharing many things, I just sat with them in our living room and listened them carefully. I barely talked to them, I just smiled and answered when they talked about me. Conversation is not my thing.

When ladies in my age come to our house, they are teachers of state elementary school in my town, my dad’s students. Mostly, they have a good communication skill, they could say their opinions, their rejections to others and showed an excellent manner to them. I learnt from her, by my silence.
…and the topic of discussion goes to me, they asked my opinion, oh really? I am not a good talker. I was trying to say that I particularly agree, and I think the problem that they are seeing now just the tip of the iceberg, I gave them an example of different sight, and may be their sight don’t really agree with it. They all was seeing me -with an unbelievable sight- including my parents.
Okey, I had made a mistake, I should not to the point and analyzed it deeply, or make deeper conversation of it. That’s my bad, sorry..

From that moment, my parents asked me not become a direct person, please respect their opinion or rejection, and make some light conversation with others. I told to my parents that I am the lecturer in my class, only in my subjects, even in my class, I learnt a ton of knowledge from my students. I just can’t lecturing everyone I’ve met and showed that I am a lecturer, I just can’t. I’ve tried, and it felt awkward, they showed gratitude to me, but I’m not expecting all of that, all I need is just become their friends, no gaps and no hesitates between us.

But in recently days, I realized that the power of communication can gain uncountable benefit for me and everyone. Instead of being silent, better if I make a small talks just to make convenient atmosphere to others. Now I’m still making of it, yeah bushing around is not always bad πŸ™‚

Being an observant is awesome, but being an outspoken is better..

4 thoughts on “Conversation is not my thing..

  1. ahaha, sama mbak..
    I spoke rarely when I was around my famz, tapi sering bikin joke :mrgreen:.

    Kadang mendengarkan itu lebih banyak memberi ilmu. πŸ™‚

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