Grammar Girl

It is not only the girl who mastered in grammar literally but also the important source you can depend on every time you trapped in difficult situation about English Grammar.

Actually this site is provide more than a Grammar, it provides tips and better understanding about learning English as a second language or maybe the main language.

I like to use this web because it encloses the suitable recording with perfect intonation, stress and pronunciation about the related passages. While I’m listening the voice, I could read what it means. She trains both reading and listening skill, moreover the contents related to writing skill. Three lessons at one time, it’s easy and time optimizer. I love it!

How about the writer eligibility? The Grammar Girl articles are wrote by Mignon Fogarty, she had her bachelor degree at University of Washington in English major, and her master study at Stanford University in Biology major. Sponsored by Writer’s Digest University, Shop and Market, her website had been awarded as a Best Writing Website.

This site is not merely about learning Language, furthermore there are more categories like Everyday Einstein for science sense building, Legal Lad for lawful life making and last but not least is Math Dude who helps us comprehend math easier.

Well, with a single click, you will have many resources to read and listen 🙂 Well recommended site to bookmark :p

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