The dissimilarities between Indonesian and English Language: in Writing

May be, it is not difficult to seek what it is. First, Tenses which always tense me, especially in xPerfect (e.g. Past, Perfect and Future). Only one word ‘have’ or ‘already’ in Indonesian which imply already finished, whether it is still continue until now or not.

Second, countable and uncountable noun, there is no subject-verb agreements in Indonesian. All plural noun only identified by ‘-‘ with repeated noun (e.g. teman-teman). Furthermore, it doesn’t affect the verb construction, so Indonesian Language is very simple than English 😀

Third, article a/an and the, in Indonesian we only have ‘sebuah’, we don’t consider whether it is already mentioned before or not; or it is begin with vowel or consonant one.

Last but not least, is Phrasal Verb. I’m not sure about this, I never found the Indonesian term for this. A mixture of verb and specific preposition/adverb will change the whole of sentence mean. For example, call+off will means cancel, get+away will means go on somewhere.

P.S. Since I’m not in major English something, you definitely can not quote me 😀

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