The first time I visited Jogja is about 8 years ago with my Senior High School’s friends. We held a bench marking universities in several places, one of them is Jogja. At that time, I didn’t think much about the society of Jogja, I just bought plenty of snacks in Malioboro.

The next visiting is about March this year, I joined a Talent Scouting in Jambuluwuk Hotel. We arrived about 9 p.m. by train, and had a dinner with my husband in Sate Ayam Haji Mang Udin. It seems that nothing wrong with this cafe, but.. firstly, the Sate is not edible, it means that the chicken fillet are too hard to bite >.< Secondly, the price is so expensive, it cost 60.000 rupiahs per dish, so we must pay 120.000. We really not happy at that moment.

Only this hypothesis goes around to my head, “Jogjanese are different than most people think”.

We decided to rent a room in Malioboro Street, in Motel Pantes, with suitable price of course. In the last day, we went to Tamansari, Kraton, and Prambanan Temple.

In Kraton, we met a pedicab driver offered us a simple tour to four Kraton’s parts, it only costs 5.000. We took it, in the middle of journey, he keeps talking that we are so young, and we have a longer chance to do kindness to other poor people. Is sounds not good, even though the theory he just said is true, but I’m not feel convenient. I barely know him. And the second hypothesis came to my head, after he forced us to visit clothing store that we don’t want to buy.

“These people only think about money, money and money”

And finally he dumped us not in front of Kraton, but the side of it, so we must walked in the heat of sunshine back to the parking lot. I just feel sad, why are these people did everything only for 5.000, they didn’t think the sin they made just because of 5.000.

After that, we went to a famous restaurant in Jogja, suggested by my sister-in-law. Before ordering food, I just noticed that there are so many flowers in dish, nor for eat neither for good smell, but for sacrificing to have more visitors in other belief. We chose to leave that place quickly, and having dinner at McDonald.

“I swear I won’t back to this City!”

Time goes by, I tried to forget my bad experiences in Jogja and Jogjanese. Two months later, I got a good news that I selected to be a candidate person to join English Training for 6 months, freely and get paid 😀 but when I saw the city, it printed ‘Jogjakarta’. Oh no!!! Jogja again?! 6 months! nooo!!

I thought that God just let me to meet wrong person, in order to strength my opinion building. I really hope that God will meet me with the right person at this time. Aamiin.

I assume that God heard my prayers, until this time I have been lived in Jogjakarta peacefully and far away from the city center. Finally, I end with these hypotheses

“Good or bad, it depends of the person itself and not the culture or the religion/belief”
“Living far away from city center is more convenient than the close one”

🙂 🙂

Good people give you happiness, bad people give you experience, worst people give you a lesson and best people give you memories.. ~unknown source~

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