I am not a model, and will never be..

Recent days, I inspired by my English Tutor to watch TEDtalks clips, eventhough I already heard about this a year ago from Miss Irmasari Hafidz, I just realized what actually its works. My first favorite one is Cameron Russel’s speech clip.
She has been a model for 10 years, since she was 14 years old. The one what makes me interested is the title “Looks aren’t everything. Believe me, I’m a model”, it is like a contrary ironic statement, and I love it. I don’t really get what they do, because I am barely a model =)) but, being pretty, smart and sociable like my mom is always being my dream 🙂

Oke, back to Cameron Russel. She was born in Cambridge and to be honest she is enjoying herself while she doesn’t become a model. According to her experience, by the time she’s taking a photo shoots are insecure moments, she keeps thinking what she does look like and what the viewer’s opinion about her and her cloth. She admits that image is powerful, she can lead the others’ view by her outfit or appearance by the first time meeting, on the other hand, she also realized that image is superficial, you can change your costume and the following judgements only in 10 seconds.

The most memorable quotes from her is “the only reason I become a model is my winning to the genetic lottery and I received a legacy”. Firstly, I thought that this young woman so arrogant about her lucky heritages of being pretty and having white skin, but then I continued to watch her speech, I feel terrible for her. Most people knew her because of her job as a model which is superficial, she has to do several surgeries to make her more perfect, again for her job. She made her proud of being a model, but it is not her achievements, it is belong to make up team, clothing, lightning, photographers, pre-production and post-production. She is only the object.

Amazingly, she is not trying to avoid her job, she continues her credibility and professionalism in the modelling world. She can motivates us, me especially to not worry much about the appearance, but furthermore in our definition of beauty itself. It’s not only about good shape of body, white skin, skinny legs or shining hair, but your openness and kindness to everybody in every culture.

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