P.S. I Love You

downloadI always love to watch movie, as sometimes I got much information about life, person characteristics or just a culture of other countries. I have been watching this movie for several years and also several times, starring by Hillary Swank and Gerard Butler. Actually, this movie had already been in my hard disk, untouched, then finally my friend told me that this movie is the outstanding one. So, I looked for this movie file and started to watch soon after she told me.

Holly Kennedy, is the central of attention in this film. Her husband Gerry, who already married her since she was 19 years old suddenly died by brain cancer. She was very lost at that moment by doing crazy things and having no bath for a week. Surprisingly, her mother and girlfriends came to her house for celebrating her 30th birthday party, from this party the story had just begun.

In the middle of the sorrow birthday party, someone knocked her door and sent her a lovely tart with the sender name is Gerry. Everyone was stunned by the shocking cake, but that is not the last thing, there is an attachment enclosed with the cake, it is a recording made by Gerry. The recording said that there will be a couple of letters came to Holly. I couldn’t stop crying every time the letter come to her, it seems that Gerry still alive, guiding her into the right path.

The following touching moment when the spontaneous Gerry already have a plan to set a vacation for Holly and friends to Ireland. The first place they had been met each other. From this short period holiday, Holly got many stories from Billy, he is the guitarist of Gerry and also Gerry’s best friend when they were a child. Besides Billy, Holly got another series of Gerry’s letters from his parents. This is the other scene which made me cry.

The last letter was given to Holly by her own mother, Holly was shocked because since they had married, Holly always thought that her mother hate Gerry. It proved that everyone loves Gerry and his decision to marry Holly. He encouraged Holly to open her heart once again to everything or everyone. This final proof gave me a lot of wisdom. That’s why I never get bored by playing this movie a plenty of times. One of them is losing someone you loved may hit you very bad, but don’t let them make you heartless, because it surely will worsen your next phase of life.

2 thoughts on “P.S. I Love You

  1. Without giving anything away, the ending to this movie feels like someone punched you in the face and spit on you. Its not only horrible and depressing, the fact that the entire tragedy of the ending could have easily avoided is the absolute worst part.

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