Lady Antebellum – woman before war..

Last days we got a vocabulary class, majority vocab in this class are about prefix and suffix in a word. Such as, ‘viv’ means live, so the words that contains ‘viv’ always correlate with living things, as we found in ‘vivipar’, ‘ovovivipar’ and ‘ovipar’ in our biology subject in Junior High School or maybe in Elementary School. From that moment, my friend Junita has always called me ‘viv’ instead of ‘vivin’ :p

Similar with ‘viv’, the other prefix were ‘post’, ‘ante’, ‘circum’,etc., and there was a question what is the suitable term about ‘a person who had came before war’? eww.. I could not answer this number, at the end the tutor said that it’s called ‘antebellum’ because ‘ante’ means ‘before’ and ‘bellum’ means ‘war’ especially civilians war happened in America.

So, the famous singer Lady Antebellum means? A woman who had lived before the civilians war era.. I think so..

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