New family!!

As the consequences of following DIKTI English Training, I have to go far away from my heroic city to Yogyakarta for six months. Of course, at the beginning of this program, we just only want to have a good IELTS score but apparently God always make the best decisions and circumstances. He gave me a beautiful family relationship with these persons who also far away from their family in their hometown 🙂

Let’s me introduce you one by one of my new family;
– The Captain of our class: Mr. Mochammad Asmi Rizaldy, formerly he was a translator of CNN, Reuters and BBC News for TVRI, but now he has been taught English and also Head of English Laboratory in his workplace in STIE Muhammadiyah Jakarta. His pronunciation is perfect! He has British accent, if you don’t see the person while hearing his speech, you wouldn’t know that he is not native speaker. As far as I know, he has three sons and of course one wive in Jakarta 😀 he elected to be our Captain because he is the eldest and *sometimes* wisest person in our class 🙂

– The Vice Captain of our class: Mr. Amar Vijai Nasrullah, if you assume that he is from India, then you got trapped 😀 even though his middle name is Vijai, his ancestors don’t have any relationship with Indian people. He took his Bachelor Degree in Physics ITS 96 and continue to Master Degree in Physics ITB. He is the only one in our class who can turn on the LCD Projector, how incredible he is. Now, his occupation is in University Lambung Mangkurat, he still single, please do not hesitate to contact me if you want to know him better, I would glad to introduce you at him :))

– Our Denstistry: Miss Erni Marlina had been traveled from Makassar to Yogyakarta only to take this class and finally meet with us 😀 She has three daughters, which is her first-born daughter very in love with pink. She already has a LOA from The University of Edinburgh, awesome. She loves singing, especially by Michael Jackson and The Beatles :))

– Another Pinky Lover: Miss Naely Muctar also from Makassar, she is an English teacher at the State Polytechnic of Makassar, as I mentioned before she is crazy about everything in pink, she is also single eh not married yet 😀

– My partner in crime: Miss Junita Duwi Purwandari, she is one year older than me, but she already has a cute son named Zaki or Aki, he is very impressive boy, I already love him before seeing him directly lho.. She also an English lecturer at Bina Sarana Informatika Jakarta, her husband is IT geek same with me, so Miss Junita doesn’t have problem to communicate with me :p she is my closest friend in here. She originally from Bangka Belitung, same with his husband.

– Our smart nurse: Miss Dyah Ika Krisnawati, she originally from Madiun but she work in Kediri. She teachs in nursing academy there, and she is a good mother, every weekend she goes home in Madiun to meet her children. Sometimes, she gave us beneficial suggestions about taking care of our health. We proud to have her in our class 🙂

– Nunung!: Miss Suyantiningsih, hahaha she very funny person, she jokes everyday and every occasion. A day without her is a boring day, everybody loves her. She is very pretty, she had her Master degree in Flinders University in 96, not surprise if she always gets the best mark among us :). She teaches in Yogyakarta State University, she has one son and one daughter.

Here I enclose the picture of them all 🙂

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