Private Teacher

When I entered elementary school, I had a homework related to fill in a certain form.
“Dad, what is your occupation?”
“I am teacher, vin.. but do not write only ‘teacher’ in your form’s field”
“Because I am not a state teacher, I am a private teacher, so you must write ‘Private Teacher'”

The little me thinking it hard for a couple of days after..
“Dad, what makes you different from the other teacher?”
“A status”
Still confusing..
“I don’t see any difference on you with my teacher in school”
“Well, I am not paid as well as them, because this country will give them more than me, for example a tiring fee (pensiun).. They will receive it, but not for me”

He still smiling at me, which is I still don’t get it.. Until I grow in State Junior High School in my city.
“Dad, my friends keep telling me that you are so awesome, because you can teach well in science subject. Further more, you are not only teaching one subject, but also two other subjects! Mathematics, Physics and also Chemistry..” I continuing to talk to him “My friend and me are imagining that if you were our teacher in school, everybody will love science! There are no more boring teachers in my school”.
“Stop it. Just respect them.” He left me..

When I’m in a Senior High School, the same form as my elementary school also come to me. I shouldn’t ask my dad, because I knew what I’m going to write there as my dad’s occupation.
‘Private Teacher’ and then I should tick the ‘Non-State Employee’. It goes to my college..

“Dad, it is matter to you? if I ask once more time? Why don’t you become a state teacher?”
“Okey, I just failed in my State Employee test, twice.. so I think it is not my way, God is keeping me into this path, and I’m really happy with my choice..” He is continuing his word “I ever thought that I’m not gonna make my children go to the college with my salary, but I believe that God will arrange all of human destiny, as long as we keep making effort, you know vin.. I will keep teaching as long as I live, and it’s a promise to myself”

I just realize that my dad is different from the other dad, and the things that make he different is his idealist mind. From that moment, I always write dad’s occupation in any kind of form as ‘Private Teacher’ proudly 🙂

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