Still (Non)Progressive Verb..

Ok, my lessons today are writing, listening and grammar (again). The students in my class is 9 persons, which is three among them are English teachers in their institution. So, I think the grammar lesson seems bored to them, but not to me because I’m the new English learner.

This afternoon we studied about Past Tense: Simple Past Vs. Past Continuous (Progressive), the stupid me is I just know that ‘Progressive’ is similar with ‘Continues’, also Progressive can be indicated by V-ing form.

So, answering my question yesterday to Mrs. Sari Lestari “Is there any opposite of Non-Progressive Verb?”, she keeps explaining me more and more but I still didn’t get it yesterday. But thank to Ms. Nana who teach us in Grammar session today, of course there is opposite of Non-Progressive Verb, it is called Progressive Verb (haha) which is besides all the member of Non-Progressive Verb are called Progressive Verb.

Further more, I searched what is the ‘Progressive’ mean in the oxford dictionary

denoting an aspect or tense of a verb that expresses an action in progress

yes that’s true. In my campus there are three defense sessions during the completion of undergraduate thesis. It is proposal, progress and final defense, why don’t I remember that ‘progress’ mean ongoing process :))

In my opinion, grammar lesson today is better than yesterday, although the concept yesterday was easier to comprehends than today. May be because, today is more logical pattern than yesterday, or may be God already give me his bless to understand it more than yesterday. Alhamdulillah..

Okey, here it is my listening practice today, with memorial song from Natalie Imbruglia ~ Torn 🙂 This is my first English song I liked when I was about 9-10 years old 😀
DSC_1844-001 DSC_1845-001NB: The pink mark is the first attempt in listening the song, and the blue mark is the second attempt. The circle indicate the wrong word after comparing with the right lyric.

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