My First Day!

Okay, this is the first day I learn English in PPB UGM. First impression, not bad and not good enough, I still feel bored, not only me actually, my friend in ITB told me so.

The most interesting part is listening comprehension session, because the tutor played a recording cassette mp3 files, and I think that I have the best of hearing words, just because I often hear an English song/movie through ear plug without any subtitle.

The result is… I got score 50!! How could it be? Yes because may be I over confident so I often misheard singular/plural word or the two words that have same sound (what does it called?)

And one more thing is there are three English lecturers in my class, one of them is in English literacy major, so they have difference level with me, who usually listen slank English conversation through the song or movie >.<

After the class finished, I went home and listened two English song and practice by myself, voila! this is the result 😀

DSC_1843 DSC_1842

But its okay, there so much I have learned today 🙂
– Do not over-confident!
– Meet some new people will open your knowledge and sense of feeling 🙂
– Practice make perfect! (I think you already hear it in many ways before)

The worst part happened today is two tutors think that I am a Junior High School Student 😐

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