My First Pet

My First Pet wasn’t a turtle, but a spider 😀
A long long years ago, the little me and my elder brother were experiment with our mom’s roses :p
My mom just bought two new roses, and she made them into pots..

One day, a spider make a nest at between two pots, I called my brother to inform him, that we have an animal 😀 because my mom didn’t let us to have any pets in our little home.. so I was very excited, when there is a spider in my house, only a spider 🙂

And then, my brother gave a brilliant idea, to give her foods but we confused what spider eat? ooohh! Mosquitoes  So, I catch many mosquitoes and give them to my brother..
He put one mosquito in her nest, but she didn’t react 😦

“oooh, maybe she fall a sleep?”,
but my geniuses brother think, “no she is not sleeping, but she doesn’t like a full-died mosquito, let catch a half-died mosquito my little sister!”
“Eww.. how to catch a half-died mosquito brother?”
“With electric racket but you shouldn’t kill them, just give a moment shock”
And we hunt a half-died mosquito outrageously :p
Yes, we found it in a second, and then my brother put it to his nested, and the spider catch it! horraayyy!!

Every time we eat, we always give her a delicious half-died mosquito 🙂 we observed every day and night how she built a nest, how she jumped and how she sleep, we a happy family with a spider pet 🙂 each time I woke up, I always want to know how is she doing and spent time with her..
But, in a morning, I found some speckles in her nest, I told my brother about it. My brother still don’t know yet what they are..
I curious and watched her nest every time I could, especially the mysterious speckles..
In the beautiful evening, I saw that the speckles have some hairy thing inside and slowly but sure tear up the wrapper, what it is? Wow! Many little spiders came out from that speckles, huwwaaa.. Mommyyy, many spiders attack our house!

But the day after their birth I can’t see their nest again, because my mom decided to clean it, My mom said too many spiders in our house 😀 Okey mom.. It’s alright, I already saw a wonderful life of a spider, and I’m very happy!

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