The little me

Today, my relative comes from Tangerang to attend my wedding party in my parent’s house. She told me that the little me was so mean :)) but I prefer not to use ‘was’ šŸ˜€ She often got angry with me, when I’m three years old, because I usually tickle or pinch her until she begs me to stop, and then I laugh like an evil..

Someday, I frequently have quarrels with my big brother, and I always win! I punch, slap, or scratch on his face.. Wow, so cruel and everybody couldn’t stop me at that moment.. my big brother didn’t reply any of those punch, no wonder if he always hate me in later years..

Another photo session, the little me always pretend like a cowboy, uhmm cowgirl.. I make anĀ assassinĀ face, and use some fake gun and hat to make my appearance looks perfect as a cowgirl >.<

When I go to school, and less than 3 times in a week (because my mom needs toĀ persuadeĀ me a lot, to go to school) my relative escorts me, because when strangers people look at me, they are always kiss my cheek and hug me, and don’t you know what my reaction? I yelled at them not to touch me, because I don’t like their smell! How rude..


I wouldn’t know all these stories, if she’s not coming into my house today.. my mom never tell me, that the little me so cruel and rude >.<

I always presume, that the little me was so nice and lovely to everybody, but I think every child has their own story šŸ™‚

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