Giraffe Vs Snake

this conversation keep running in my mind..

Tepin: Does anybody know, what is the animal which has a long neck?
Achi: Giraffe!
Tepin: Yes, you’re right!
Iza: Tepin, I know the other animal! it’s snake!
Tepin: uhmm… Yes! you’re right too!
Achi + Iza: <Both happily hug each other..>

Maybe you ask why I choose to say that Iza was right, when she said snake has a long neck, beside giraffe..

Because, it is right, snake has a long neck or doesn’t have any neck only scientist know! and I’m not trying to lecture my nieces with biology subject, someday Iza would know the truth.. but someday and maybe Iza already forgot about that conversation šŸ™‚
I believe that saying the positive word, will make positive behaviour and encourage them to do the positive action too šŸ™‚

Another lesson is, Iza is trying to make some different answer but logical.. she doesn’t want to be Achi’s shadow by mention same animal with her.. she is trying to show her capabilities, and it is good..
I think being different and outstanding, is better than being same and ordinary with another person..

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