Curriculum Vitae

I’m just looking for some materials for teaching Introduction to Algorithm and Java Programming level 1. I got many resources, and I read many great scientist’s CV. One of them is Ivan Stojmenovic, I do not know him before and vice versa (absolutely!), but I read his short CV (he provides full CV, medium CV and short CV). I found many researches, books, journals and many kind of publications about his interest area, it’s totally different with my CV or many CV I’ve read in my colleagues 😀

In my CV is written my education history, but he doesn’t need to explain where he got his undergraduate, graduate or postgraduate title, how long and how best (GPA). He just show his evidence of his ability and also his passion.

In my CV is written my place of birth, date and many kind of identity things, in his CV I can not found how old is he, and where he come from, what his religion, what his hobby, I do not know all about these all, or maybe I shouldn’t know all those things.. because it doesn’t affect his publication or his passion of wireless sensor.

From this moment, I got some lesson:
1. Your achievement will speak more than your educational background..
2. You may have a bad background of family, race, or religion may be? but you can be the person you want to be in the future..
3. And vice versa, you may have a good background of everything, but you will speak as your own name and personality..

People are getting smarter in these days 🙂 they could understand you more than you understand yourself..

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