This is story about my parents..
I love them both, surely.. With my own way, absolutely..
I never directly say that I love them and I rarely hug or kiss them, only if I will go back to Surabaya after spending one or two days in Mojokerto..
My dad, physically I have the same skin tone with him, my small eyes and my big forehead is also his legacy for me..
His curiosity, his love to science and animal also same with me..
In one time, we watch national geographic or animal planet so seriously, and my mom only said that both of us is so boring..
But you know, my stubbornness really same with him, we frequently make some debates, argued rudely, and end with embargo one to another..

My mom, like an angel when we ended in silence.. I guess she has sanguine personality, always cheerful and make happy atmosphere in our home..
She could penetrate to people with high level of prosperity, or the opposite..
her communication skills is better than my dad or myself, so she is one of the attractive women in our village.. because everybody loves her..
I don’t know, I think I’m not lovely and not so cheerful, the only one of evidence that I’m her daughter is my nose.. she inherit her beautiful nose for me, luckily 😀

I was thinking, if my dad didn’t met my mother, may be there will no me or my big brother, I will be a different person.. I’m glad that God help them met each other 🙂

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