Today, I cooked a meal everybody!

๐Ÿ˜€ sounds lebay, but it’s true.. really ๐Ÿ˜€
this miracle happened when there are so many guests came in our house..
my mom couldn’t handle kitchen things anymore, and there is my opportunity to prove my ability.. tadaa!
Firstly, I sauteed some onion until it’s getting brown and smells good
and I put some vegetables such as carrots, beans, and potatoes, I cooked them all until.. em.. *I don’t know when I should stop cooked them all* It’s only by feeling.. :p

and then I put some water into pan, I waited until they boiled together, because I think it’s the only perfect timing to make sure that everything are edible, safely, and healthy ๐Ÿ˜€

this time, I don’t forget to put salt, pepper and sugar, wait.. emm, which one is pepper? omaigod, I wouldn’t end all of this miracle, just because I don’t know which one is pepper?
and then I remember, that my mom doesn’t like to grind anything, so it must be some ground pepper that she bought from mini market! haha.. Finally, I found you white pepper..

After they all boiled, I turn off the stove.. emm wait a minute, I think there is something left.. emm.. omigosh I forgot to put cabbages and celery, oh nooo! I turn on the stove again, and put them all in my half vegetables soup T.T

My mom checked me in kitchen, and she tasted my soup..
Mom: Did you boiled them all?
Me: Yes, I did..
Mom: Did you put some sugar?
Me: Err.. yes.. why..
Mom: your soup is sweet *with her plain face*
Me: Ok, put some salt then..
Mom: you should try hard to cook some edible food!
Me: >.< everything will be, will be lah mom..

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