Letters to Juliet

Yesterday, when I watch TV, I found a movie, this movie has been in my hard disk for several months, but suddenly it’s gone.. I forgot where to put or I already put it in the trash bin :p

This movie titled is Letters to Juliet, have you remember? I remember, I ever wrote about this movie in this blog one year ago..
Hmm, nothing special about this movie, it just tell us about how to reach your true love, even though your age is not twenty or thirty-something anymore..

Beside the actress is so beautiful, Amanda Seyfried :* this storyline of the movie shows us that time may pass together for years, many beautiful moments may crush so sweet, but your heart should be in the highest place.. you should not make a decision because of time or moment you have been through together, but listen to your heart.. time doesn’t guarantee anything, sweet moment doesn’t heal, your heart is one of your decision variable to make some good result which may satisfied all the constraints and optimize your objective functions..

A new day has come, if you truly settle with your decision, just believe that God will help you find a way, and make everything easy for you, and that is one of His bless to you 🙂

Err.. I still tell about the storyline of Letters to Juliet by the way :p

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