Just a kiss goodnight..

This story took a long time, before I could write it in my blog..

Last month I went to my brother’s house in Jakarta, my little nieces grow so fast, Achi the eldest niece not childish anymore, she rarely got a tantrum.. Iza, her younger sister was able to imitate dance and sing like her elder sister 🙂 I felt so happy, happier than the last time I visited them last year..

Let me tell you about Achi, she loves to sing, lip-sync and create dance that suit with the theme song, I believe she will grow up to nice lady someday 🙂 We surprised, when achi perform her own dancing in front of us, and I’m gonna cry! Although I’m not her mom, but I feel that she already make a good achievement.. In her age, I already took a second year of Elementary School, but I think it’s my mom’s achievement 🙂 I didn’t like choreography, or all things related to body movement such as dancing and doing any kind of sport. I hate all those things since I kids :p

Back to Achi, beside her creative talent has increased, her understanding about life is well improved, this is our conversation after praying Dhuhur together..

Achi: Aunty, I heard that you’ll gonna marry..
Aunty: Yes, that’s right..
Achi: Achi really want to hold aunty’s baby.. Achi promises will take care him/her..
Aunty: Wow, Achi already has Iza to take care of, right?
Achi: But, I want your baby.. *Achi hug me*
Aunty: *speechless*

One day, Achi came out with her idea to design a new hijab style, yes you’re right she also took my veil and dress to design, beside her mom’s 😀

Achi: Aunty! Look at me! I wear a beautiful hijab like yours! (actually, that’s mine achi >.<)
Aunty: *try to look surprised* Wow! You’re beautiful, how about put in some brooch?
Achi: Yes! I will! *she puts her own brooch at my veil*
Achi: Granny! Look at me! Am I beautiful?
Granny: No! Too much brooch, and too much color, you look so bad with that dress and veil! How about wear this hijab (the white and simple one). You look prettier when you wear this hijab. Just take it off!
Achi: But, Achi doesn’t like that plain veil Granny, it’s too plain.. (Achi looks sad)
Granny: No! No! Just wear it! And put it off! Granny doesn’t like to see you wearing cosmetic and all those things!
Achi: *she run into her room*

I follow Achi, I guess she will change her veil, and she surely change it.. But..

Achi: *she cried without make any voice*
Aunty:  Achi, are you okay?
Achi: I’m so sad, when granny say that I look so bad..
Aunty: *hold her*
Achi: am I look that bad, aunty?
Aunty: no, granny just trying to make you look prettier, with her style.. eh don’t you know that the beautiful things will only just thing, if you don’t have the real one..
Achi: what the real one?
Aunty: you already have it, don’t you know Achi?
Achi: *she’s not cried anymore* I don’t know..
Aunty: loving your mom, dad and Iza, and playing cheerfully with granny and grandpa, also have some cups of achievement like yours, and always smile.. (sounds cliché and sounds not me T.T)
Achi: so, I already become a beautiful girl without those pretty dress and veil?
Aunty: Those entire things only make you prettier, because you already have it 🙂
Achi: I love you aunty *hug me once more*, but I still want to be a designer..
Aunty: Okey then, let’s start designing with the plain veil..

Iza still be the one of my favorites, because I feel the same fate with her.. but Achi is better than me, when I’m in her age.. a lot.. I ever read, that crying without make any voices is the saddest cry, I felt so sinful when knowing her saddest cry.. I thought it is her first rude rejection from someone close to her, I afraid that the rejection will crack her innocent heart, so she wouldn’t design anymore..

But, recently I think maybe some rejections will make her heart stronger than before, and we couldn’t take care of her heart whenever and wherever right? Maybe, she will easily forget about it.. All we need is just to give her a kiss goodnight, and hoping that tomorrow is better than today 🙂

~ Lady Antebellum – Just a Kiss ~

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