What to expect, when you are expecting..

My mom will 55 years old in this August, but many people said that my mom looks like my elder sister πŸ™‚
Yesterday I wore my mom’s blouse, it’s orange and I hate orange, but I still wore it all day, even when I went to bed..
She bought that blouse when she was in my age, my mom’s fashion senses is awesome, because no one knows that I’m wearing my mom’s stuff..

I don’t know why, I can’t show this homesick feelings to her, I just pretend everything went okay when she asked my condition yesterday, I called my father’s cellphone and I just said ‘I want to talk with mom’, so my father gave the phone to my mom..

I just pretend to forget her order that she said a week ago, and we have a long chat.. this feeling is getting worse when last night I saw a movie ‘What to expect, when you are expecting’, this movie telling us about parents’ sacrifices to have a child, I never know how it feels, until I become a mom πŸ™‚

I often said to my mamas, that I don’t want to have any child, but deep inside my heart I want to feel our little miracle moving inside my body and soul.. I’m just scaring, if we couldn’t be the best parent for them, and we already too late to know about it..

Well, they will come at the right time πŸ˜€ so, I shouldn’t worry too much, because it will steal my happiness πŸ˜€ no body is ready to be the best parent πŸ™‚

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