Editing document ain’t easy..

Many of IT people judging that a typist or editor is simpler job rather than a programmer.. *CMIIW
But, if you ever had document editing with specific template and you don’t have much patience, I bet you will give up! really..
Document editing has same difficulty to code some program for me, here they are the similarity I just have found

  • In programming you have specific structure to write, in document editing you have specific tight rule to make your document looks eligible..
  • In programming you have to recognize your IDE (Integrated Development Environment) well in order to make less bug in your code, likewise in document editing you have to make a good relationship with your word processor in order to manipulate your document precisely..
  • In programming, one single flaw will failed your program maybe this effect can not comparable with document editing, because it still look like a document even there more than one flaw, but in specific term like journal editing, one flaw is not tolerable, and journal jury will definitely reduce your journal’s degree. You can call them as a God or Goddess of document editing, who can see one small flaw at a glance, they have and always have a same duty as your program compiler πŸ˜€

Both of them need much your patience and control ability..
So, respect your typist, secretary or document editor, their job isn’t that easy as you think πŸ˜‰

Rihanna feat. Drake ~ What’s your name?

7 thoughts on “Editing document ain’t easy..

    • nope, no one.. why? haaa.. I see.. kayaknya artikel ini berisi pembelaan atau jawaban atas sesuatu ya?

      nggak kok, hahaha.. cuman curhat aja tengah malem sampek pagi ngedit jurnal πŸ˜€

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