My mom..

Last night I had quarrel with my mom, about my wedding preparation.. I have had different opinion with her, and I end up closed my door and sleep, my mom knocked my door but I pretend to sleep.. She entered my room, sat on my bed and said that she only wants to make a perfect wedding party to me.. But in the middle of the night, I woke up and saw clearly what the problems are, I sad and cry over the night, that it is not my own wedding party, but also my mom’s hope..

I just remembered, when I’m still in 3 years old, I frequently got a fever, my mom brought me to a pediatrician, the doctor suggested my parents to buy some alloy bracelet that can absorb my temperature.. The next day, my dad brought me 2 iridium bracelets, the little me was so happy, because when I danced those bracelets will rang beautifully..

But in my 6th year, my niece came into my house, she often play with me, she asked her mother to buy bracelets like mine. One week later her mother came into my house and said that she couldn’t find any of those bracelets in my town, yes absolutely because my parents bought them in Bandung. My mom asked my permission to give one of my bracelet to her daughter.. I think, you -the readers- can predict what my reaction 😀 yap! I totally refused! No! I wouldn’t give one of my bracelet to her, not a chance.. *the little me is so stingy, huh?* 😀

My mom insisted, almost force me with her high tone which you couldn’t imagine 😀 She grabbed my bracelet, and give it to that mom (I used ‘that’ consciously). At that time, my mom told me that I still have one bracelet..

‘Yes mom! but it wouldn’t rang anymore! How come one bracelet rang by itself, can you imagine?’ I said that word while I cried *The little me so stubborn right?*

One day, Two days, Three days over. I still used the lonely bracelet, but a week later I wasn’t used the bracelet anymore. I just forgot where I put it, and I have no intention to look for it. That’s me..

I remembered that story, and now I realize that I don’t have to make all my dream comes true, trying to accept another opinion or dream. I’m just learning how to be a good daughter, because I don’t know the stressful moments of being a mother yet. I haven’t had to wake in the middle of the night to silence a crying baby. I haven’t had to change dirty diapers. I haven’t even held or kissed my little girl on the forehead. I haven’t put my dreams over my little girl..

I don’t know how it feel, when my grownup girl closed her private room door just because of my hope didn’t match with hers..

I’m sorry mom..

I will be all that you want
And get myself together
Cause you keep me from falling apart

All my life, I’ll be with you forever
To get you through the day
And make everything okay

Avril Lavigne – I will be

11 thoughts on “My mom..

  1. Its okay Dear Vhyn, mom and daughter always have disagreements…all that we need is to communicate better 🙂

  2. Oh dear, udah wedding preparation! Udah lama banget ya kita ngobrol-ngobrol… jadi nggak tau kabar2nya Vivin deh. Now I absolutely positively miss you. 😦

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