Lecturing Activities from Harvard University

I have watched this video, and amazed.. “How could be that lecturer teaching so fast and how he took a breath?”

I still believe in every Indonesian lecturer has same brain volume with that lecturer.. but there always many differences such as education environment, social treatment, culture etc. The most important part I got from that video are

  • I think, I should move my teaching orientation, not operating but exploring or further more is optimizing.. I usually say to my college students about how it works and translating all the process into human language. I think, this is operationally lesson, not strategically used, I afraid they only understood how to make it works, but they don’t know how to modify and optimize them to aim higher expectation. Or the worst thing, they only could make but they could not design the best way to fit business problems..
  • In that video, the lecturer shows his ability to make a ‘Hello World!’ program in the beginning, everybody could make it without enter the Computer Science class. So, I think making program is not the point of the class, but how computer could help and serve human needs with certain programming language and skill.. The raining man section also shows me, that programming is also for fun, not for serious need only..
  • The class is not focus on the structure of specific language programming, how it spells or how it compiles, because the lecturer knows that the ability of writing a bug-free code in one attempt need more experience, that will take a long time. So, it doesn’t matter to make some mistakes in the beginning, because the students will learn a lot from their mistakes they have made in the past. All they need is just exercise more and more.
  • Also the learning phase focused at logical mind building, because time goes by and programming language always changing by time. Being a perfect -specific language programming- programmer is not worth enough to your life.. Because if you have a good logical structure in your brain, you can speak code in another new language programming..

The Wanted ~ Glad you came..

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