This morning, as usual in every tuesday and thursday, I teach 2nd semester students at 7 o’clock!

I have rule in my own class, that students who come lately more than 15 minutes, they must give special information at the next meeting in front of the class, I got this method from Ibu Nur Aini Rakhmawati 🙂

This morning, I was surprised, because there is one of my student who came lately more than 15 minutes, he opened the door still in messy and sleepy face and hair.. I surprised because, he could not enter my course at this morning, but he didn’t!
I just thought, he wake up lately, but he still have passion to enter my course and got punishment rather than absent.. even he didn’t comb his hair! how fabulous!

I think, he is better than the other students who come lately because they trying to dress better and worry much about their appearance..

Well, Congratulation to Rian Triadi Putra, I hope my opinion about you was right 😀 Don’t forget to bring your punishment task at next meeting on Tuesday..

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