The Caller

*is it seems like a movie title?

This is how my mind works, when I got unknown number calling. For me, unknown is divided into two, the unsaved number and withheld number. I rarely accept withheld number so I don’t make the flowchart, because it will consist of two steps only 😀

The way it works

I will openly accept the unsaved number, if I recognized you first 🙂

Rihanna – Disturbia

2 thoughts on “The Caller

  1. Muahahaha,..
    That Flowchart is really interesting,..

    By the way, if someone “calls many times and bugging me so much”, instead of rejecting it, I push the green button, but I will not hear the voice coming,… accepting the phone call but ingoring it,… the caller’s money for the call will be sucked down, and I will not be disturbed by the vibrating/ringing misterious calling,…

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