Work Hard Vs. Luck

Mid Test

This post was inspired by my student 🙂 This week is the 9th week from the beginning of semester, it means time to mid test..
Each lecturer has their own method to do midtest, I also have a little bit different method, I get this method from Mrs. Feby Artwodini and Mr. Ahmad Mukhlason, the former lecturers..
I have about 50 questions, and then I cut it out to be a little pieces of paper, and I fold it to easily picked by them..

They should come into my office room one by one at certain time and order, they should pick one folded paper that I have made, and answer the question in 20 minutes.. Some of students can not answer it totally, so I gave them chance to show their abilities by explaining their own favorite chapter in the class. Because I think, they would tell me much more their favorite things 🙂

But, one student in my class said that it is unfair, it’s depend on luck, because some student got easy questions and some student got difficult questions to answer..

I have think about it one year ago, a well prepared student can answer it all, because I have explain each of the question in the class, so if you study well there will not a hard question to answer. It’s just your laziness to study not a bad luck..

A bad luck is a moment when you already well prepared, perfectly exercised also pray all the night but God create a special unexpected moment that make you failed. Choosing a random question was not special unexpected moment, you already told twice, three times, four times to study hard 4 – 5 weeks before the mid test, also how it will going on.. Mid test will never be your bad luck its only your bad dream, it just one assessment to grade you all, just prove your abilities, otherwise you can fix it in 9 weeks later..

Okay!! Good Luck my college students! I believe you can do this test!

Colbie Caillat – I do

2 thoughts on “Work Hard Vs. Luck

  1. I agree with one of your students that it is unfair to answer the test by picking up a piece of paper, except the items have been taught

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