These dialog was held when Irene Adler pretend to die, but both Sherlock and Mycroft Holmes believed that Irene truly died..

Sherlock Holmes: Look at them. They all care so much. Do you ever wonder if there’s something wrong with us?
Mycroft Holmes: All lives end. All hearts are broken. Caring is not an advantage, Sherlock.
Sherlock Holmes: This is low tar.
Mycroft Holmes: Well, you barely knew her.

Well, no one know others perfectly 🙂

Shakira – Whenever wherever

2 thoughts on “Melted..

    • hehe, me too.. tapi sebenernya korelasinya kenapa judulnya melted adalah, karena ketika Mycroft bilang gitu ke Sherlock, Sherlock yang sedingin itu malah bilang ‘this is low tar’, ada kemungkinan sih klo Sherlock itu sebenernya caring to others tapi dia berusaha hide rasa caring tersebut.. itu yang bikin melted 😀

      *tambah gak nyambung* hihi

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