Choosing a professor :D

Why professor is always bald?

Here they are the criteria of choosing PhD supervisor ala Arif Wibisono 😀

.: Choose the young one. It is not differ each professor by their age, but the young one will give you a fresh mind, and there will big opportunity to make many fresh and challenging research. But not all the old ones, were not fresh 😉

.: Choose an editorial board of specific scope International Journal or Conference. Why? because they will ease you to submit your paper, as we know when we apply to PhD program, you will pushed to have many and qualified publications. So, if your supervisor is one of editorial board, we have a big probability to publish in her/his International Journal or Conference.
With special note: if your papers are good enough to publish 😀

.: Choose the best professor in her/his area. It is obvious reason, because the best person will encourage you to learn a lot, not only her/his knowledge but also her/his good habit. And the best professor will promote you more, because you were in the good hand, so people will trust you more.

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