One step made..

These are the different of the way I’m teaching in my Class from the first solo Class..

In my first solo class..
– I always called them one by one, before I start the Class > I think it is little bit childish for college students, isn’t it?
– I frequently noted who will be the most active student in my Class, so I can recognize them well, in the end of Class.. or the next courses in the next semester..
– Doing the perfect things, always be my ambition.. I don’t want even one my student don’t understood my explanation in Class.. Except for outlier student who made a ‘big’ mistake with me personally xD

In my recently class..
– They already grown up, if they choose to make a mistake or doing unfair things, let them get the consequences.. I should not treat them as children who can not make a single mistake. I think, they would learn a lot from their choice, the bad or good one..
– I rarely take a note right now, I think they would misinterpret, if they should be active in the Class is because I will take a note and upgrade their final score.. At the beginning, I think that it is a good trigger for them, lately, I think more than note or score but making a good behavior.. So, I will not take a detailed note anymore, I just remembered the active students in my Class naturally..
– Soon after I taught Calculus and Linear Algebra, I change my opinion, that not everybody deserved for the same thing.. Everyone has their preference to study, I think it is acceptable, if you get the lowest grade of math subject, and you get the highest grade of sports.. So, I won’t make it difficult for them, who don’t really interested in my area or my courses 🙂 All you need to do is just exploring yourself in which specific area you will enjoyed, your life will not only about Information System.. you should learn many things others.

Owl City – The Bird and The Worm

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