Still alive..

4 days ago, I went to Batu Malang, with Raras Tyasnurita. We followed workshop “How to Manage Journal Well” that held by Universitas Negeri Malang. This workshop enrolled by 170 participants, from all the University and Scientist Association in Indonesia.

I got many experience in this workshop, about being young is not an excuses, about being smart is not given talent, and about being respect to everyone you met, is a must.

The great lesson I have found are

.: Being confident, will help you communicate with others, but not too overconfident. Because basically, every human is same, what will differ you with others is just only the way you look yourself.
.: Sometimes, love just ain’t enough, to make you stay. Too much love, will kill you, unless it deserves for God. Okey, this lesson has no correlation with workshop, haha.. but this lesson appeared when I joined this program, loving someone will make you doing everything, to make her/him happy, and you ignore your own happiness. It’s was never be good, for your own good.
.: Sometimes, it is better to you, if you don’t know all the reasons, why the people don’t stay where they are. Just accept it, and you should move on, God will lead you to find the answer, later. And when you found the answer, you will totally agree, and you praise to God, because He led you into good reason.
.: Always think the second opinion, never think the one and only opinion, try to look another point of view, so you will understood, why another people don’t look the same point as you’ve seen.
.: The last lesson, you must quickly get up, soon after you fall. It may hurt you so much, time and activity will help you to heal. So, you don’t have to wait, just transform your wound into another good activity, and you will forget it all. When you look back, you just laugh at yourself and be grateful you’ve passed it all quickly.

Friend: Hey, Vin.. why this post titled ‘Still alive..’?
Vhyn: Haha, I don’t know, I just think that I’m still alive, after I drowned very deeply. It’s only makes me much stronger friend, because I got many lessons when I drowned..
Friend: Oh, I see..

Rihanna – Take a bow

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