Is that love?

In the perfume store..

Boy: Honey, why should you try every kind of perfume?
Girl: Because I want to sure my choice is the best.
Boy: you shouldn’t try each perfume, it will degrade your smelling sense.
Girl: It doesn’t matter, it pay worth enough.
Boy: I think, you only should listen others recommendation to choose the best perfume. So you don’t have wasting your time and your sense.
Girl: They are different from me, I could listen to them, but I can’t truly trust them. Just left me here alone, if you want.
Boy: No, I will stand by you, so if your smelling sense couldn’t work properly, I can smell them all and tell how good it is for you.
Girl: I think I found my perfume.

Ari Lasso feat. Ariel Tatum – Karena Aku Tlah Denganmu

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