My lovely watch has come back to life!

Yesterday, I felt so disappointed when my watch didn’t work properly although I have replaced with a new battery.. My boyfriend took a look to my watch, and he said that he could find someone that will make my watch come alive (I never treat my watch as an object). But I said ‘No!’ I will find someone something similar. But my boyfriend insist, and brought my watch for a few days.. Days go by, and my wrist felt so empty, I don’t like to use bracelet in my daily activities, I only love to use my watch.. And then my boyfriend came, and he said that the integrated circuit (a part of my watch) must be replaced with the new one.. I sad, and I said, that there is no other repairing things, all I think to do is only buy the new one and everything goes properly, it already 7 years old, I should not wonder if there so many problem come over and over again in the future.. My boyfriend said that the expertise can guarantee it for 1 year, so I could saving my money to buy a new watch, the other reason is, I really difficult to find the perfect one like I want. Okay then, I gave my watch to him, and I waited 4-5 days.

Voila! My watch has come back, and accompanies me to type this blog right now 🙂

Thank you dear 🙂

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