My Sassy Girl..

This movie is one of the most favorite movie I ever watched, besides The Prince of Persia 😀 I ever watched the korean version of this movie, but I’m not touched.. I just love the american version.. The one reason is the girl is beautiful enough compared to the man 😀 and I guess they would make a pretty family -in a real life- 🙂

My Sassy Girl American Version

Okay, this headline movie tells us about destiny, I got this wisdom through watching for the ninety seventh times! 😀 destiny is the bridge you built for someone you love, may be this wisdom will in the contrary with He’s just not that into you movie.. but I definitely agree with this statement. I think you only need to realize when the time to stop hoping or building your bridge, because we still could not reach our goal, if only us who built the brigde in one side, there should be another bridge that built on the opposite side.. that’s why human exist, to save from ourselves, and that’s why the He’s just not that into you movie exist, to save unrequited bridge -eventhough, I still don’t get the wisdom to look from that movie-.

I’ve wrote that, this is one of the life motivation movie, besides The Prince of Persia. I love them both, because they’ve taught me to keep hoping, to keep trying and also praying. That there will a future to face, so I shouldn’t stuck in this crap situation for a long time. I have to move on, nevertheless I should keep on mind about unstable situation that could ever come next day.

Yes, we still have to build that tower bridge, and then we keep praying for the rest. Bridges for someone you love, such as parents, siblings or your partner of life to be. And you should keep your heart open, to save you from yourself, preparing for the worst..

Dida – Takkan Berakhir

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