He’s just not that into you

I really don’t get this movie, at the beginning it told me that I shouldn’t take sensitively for every little things that man do for us -woman-.. But in the end, things go conversely..

The only thing that I got from this movie is human are unpredictable, even you already hold the rule..

7 thoughts on “He’s just not that into you

  1. I think the movie tells us that women should be careful about the existence of men,… vice versa,..
    An human being should not let his/her guard down,…
    It also tells us that if we made an affair, then troubles will come to our life,.. so, we have to be loyal to our beloved one,..
    Well, I think that’s all,… :mrgreen:

    • tapi terakhirnya alex sama cewek yang dia bilang gak tertarik..

      si suaminya demi moore juga akhirnya tertarik sama scarlett johanson :p

      kesimpulan : cowok itu gak konsisten :)) piss gung…

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