Finally, its over…

I think it’s time for me to write some assessment for myself, associated with the way teaching was going on last semester. Last semester was the most hectic semester for 2 years I’ve been lecturing. Can you imagine that I held 5 different subjects in one semester? I never imagine that, because it is super duper crappy thing 😀

Forecasting Technique and its Application

This is an optional subject, which is offered to 3rd and 4th year students. At first, this class have about 65 students, but in the end, it only consist of 60 students 😀 (I success make them back to their own way, even though its only 5 persons T.T). Being a lecturer in an optional subject is not easy, because we should show them the correlation with their undergraduate theses. The main obstacle in this subject is grading, because forecasting is the one of subject that you can define right and wrong. It measured by error rate, and only few measurements that give you a threshold. The threshold is used to make you confidently claim that your forecasting result is good enough to represent the future. But, the students are so easily taught and managed, they are so clever students, I only give them some stimulus and they will look for by themselves.

Data Mining

This is the subject that must be taken by 4th year students. I have to explain concisely to them about various things of data mining technique, because actually this subject should be taken as optional like forecasting technique. But in this semester, this subject must be taught to every 4th year students. I don’t really agree with this rule, but I only can do my best 🙂

Fortunately, the students have a good behavior, from the beginning I assume that they not understood what I have told to them about Data Mining. But, at the end I surprised that they can do their final project a lot than my estimation. This class has taught me so much, about modifying the way I teach, critically opened question, and how about being nice to everybody. This class is make me proud, because I feel that I totally involved to this class, my emotion, my happiness, my outraged,  and my tears when they keep remind my birthday same with my forecasting class.. Success for your undergraduate thesis guys!!


This subject is offered to 2nd year students. I only taught them for the last 3 weeks, its only calculus subject. The challenge to teach this subject is how to bring them think what was the correlation with Information System 😀 They must think the big picture, not the detailed and operationally one. It was easy to grade them, basic from their correctness, but I’m afraid they only can compute or calculate, but they don’t know how to use it. I hope my fear doesn’t come true.

Database Management System

Same with calculus, this subject must be taught to 2nd year students. I loved this subject when I school. But I have to teach the applied one, in laboratory, so I just only have a little contribution to give them some lesson. One reason why I loved this subject is because the lecturer explains well, and has a good structure lesson. I should learn from him about how to teach well. My bond with this class is not perfectly made, because we only meet about 12 times in a semester.

Advanced Science Management

This subject is similar with Forecasting Technique class, it is optionally given to 3rd and 4th year semester. Its consist of 7 students 😀 and I only teach them about 3 times about applied use in Matlab. I still need a lot of medication lesson about the use of Matlab.

In the end, I’m glad that I have passed this semester successfully!! Xuxuxu, this is because my colleague had support me well, and sometime they cheer me up when I get stuck with this life 😀 My special thanks are given to Miss Hanim Maria Astuti (my sister in bone) for always being my side, My truly big brow Radityo Prasetianto Wibowo that always be my talk partner and occasionally my solver and Miss Irmasari Hafidz that inspires me so much :*

Lady Antebellum – Need you now

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