That ship…

When I was about 8 years old, my big brother was 14 years old. He already has his own room, our little home is consist of two bedrooms, the big and the small one. I envy to my big brother, because he always have the ‘first’ thing from our parent, so I sneak out to his bedroom, and found a beautiful ship.

The ship is made from stereoform, and he stack all interior decoration with paper glue. The ship is so pretty and well designed. I have a plan to ask my brother permission to play with his ship, soon after my brother back from school.

When I told my brother that I want to play with his ship, my brother was angry, because I have sneak out to his bedroom. So he put the ship above the cupboard, so I can not reach it. I’m so sad, because I can not play to his bedrooms and evenmore with the ship 😦

One day, I ask my daddy to reach the ship. My daddy help me, and I was incredibly happy! I will put it back to the top of cupboard soon after I play, of course before my brother coming. But unfortunately, in the middle of journey, ocean wave I broke his ship accidentally.. Uwaaa.. I’m afraid that my brother will eat me, when he arrive. Nothing I can do to repair that ship, I just pretend to sleep in my mom’s bedroom..

Hohoho, my big brother has come, and tadaaa, he outraged and he said that I have broke his ship, so he will not play with me forever :(( I cried out loud, I push my brother to repair that ship and play with me *how bossy I am*. But my brother never touched that ship again :(( So I lost the ship and lost my relationship with my brother..

From that moments I got two big lessons, first, never sneak out to someone’s heart bedroom, ask for permission to enter person’s private area, second, everythings that begin from a bad way, will only have a bad end too..

Love and kisses to my big brother :*

Rihanna feat. Calvin Harris – We found love

4 thoughts on “That ship…

  1. Someone, sometimes, has his own secret-important reasons to keep one thing or two of his, untouched by others,…
    Surely, you’ve learned something valueable from this accident,..

    Very nice post,..

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