A story about my one and only pet…

I don’t have any pet right now. My first and last pet was a Brazilian Turtle, she still living until now, but not under my love anymore. I gave her to my sister in bone (my Junior sister in college) because of her weight and height issues, I can not have her anymore. Her name is kichi, her full name is kichi bum bum… :p

I have raised her for about 5 years, she knocked her cage when I worked at my computer. When I got bored, I usually took her out of her cage, and put her on the floor. I remember every single detail of her movements when she started to walk on the floor. She opened her eyes gently, and then she pulled out her neck, may be she just want to see, where was she. Because in her cage, I usually filled in with water, its about 15 cm in depth. So she can swim, and she also can take a deep breath while she swim.

After she pulled her neck out, she started to creep with her feet. She usually ran into dark places, and made me more difficult to take her back to cage. One day, she jumped from her cage, and caught by my neighbor. Fortunately, they gave kichi back o me. Another day, a little girl, a sister of my friend gave her so many food into her cage. My friend got panicked and they called me, they all said that kichi has passed away, because she didn’t make any movements. So I went home, and hold her gently, wish that she was just drunk, not passed away yet. I waited her for an hours, and she started to open her eyes, and I’m so happy, she back to live… hahaha…

Kichi bite me once, on that day I took kichi for happy bath time! Kichi hate to take a bath (same with me actually), so bath time always made her not in a good mood. I brought a tooth brush to clean her shell, but that day I’m so careless, I accidentally brush her feet too, hahaa… And she bite me, uwooo… I feel so sorry to you kichi, her bite was like snake bite or dracula bite, have two points that made my hand bleed.

Kichi loves to put her hand above her head when she was sleeping, so cute. I usually knocked her cage when I arrived at home, and she got up from her beauty cute sleep. Or sometimes, she made a 180 degree when she sleep. Right now, I got bored with my computer or even with my life.. I wish you were here just to make me laugh or just make some noise to make me sure, that I am not that alone..

I missed you so much kichi, wish you will keep healthy for all the time..

Evangelina (I don’t know why I remember that name, I don’t know who is she, or does she exist?)

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